Have you ever thought if you smartphone can read your mind and inform you something in advance before you search for it? It’s possible now with Google Now, it will give you updates of whatever information that you are interested. You will get to know if your favorite team has won or where the matches are been held or even the ticket rates. When you are all set to work this app will help you to know if there is some traffic jam in advance so that you can change the route. It will even let you know whether if it’s rains or not so that you can carry your umbrella or raincoat.

“ The phone is something you always have with you, and Google Now can anticipate the information you might want and provide you with what’s most relevant to your life and interests,” says  Tamar Yehoshoua, director of product management for . Google Now sets few virtual “cards” based on your interests  and what you usually search for, it can anything ranging  from weather forecasts to match information of your favorite sports team.

It can be even used for finding out information about upcoming flights and it will  alert you in advance if your flights are getting delayed. There is a Weekend” card which shows fun activities that is  happening in and around your city from movie showtimes to dine- ins.

These cards appear when you need them and if you find something which you don’t like then you can swipe it away. It’s almost same like Apple’s Siri service.The best part is that it even responds to voice commands.

Google Now is available on iOS and  is compatible for both the iPhone and iPad. The look and feel of the app is virtually identical on both platforms. The main differences between Android and iOS are few, mainly in that iOS can display fewer different kinds of cards.

Google support the iOS background location feature, so that you don’t have to necessarily spend as long hunting for your position when you open up the Search app. It also won’t use iOS’ notification system to push high-priority Now alerts just like the way you do on Android.

You will definitely love this new experience on your iPhone when your phone act more like a companion  for you reading your mind before you search for something.Check out the following video to know more

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