The financial times has recently reported that Google’s Android division is making a smartwatch which is soon going to be a sensation in the gadget market. There is nothing surprising about it as Apple and Samsung have already made statements of entering into watch industry. Most of the gadget critics are of the opinion that the Financial Times’s reports are correct. However Google hasn’t made any official statement about this rumor.

The report even says that Google is planning to line this technology along with its upcoming Google Glass device. Based on the opinion of a person who briefed on this project, this smart watch will act like an extension to the smartphones by using the same operating system. It is expected that there will be a sale of 485 million devices in the future and it will redefine the wearable technology.

The Telegraph also reported that last year Google got an approval for a patent application  for a “smart watch” with dual-screen “flip-up display”, and a camera. The patent filing even mentioned a “tactile user interface”, or touchscreen.

The main motive of Google is to combine all technologies, screens, processors, GPS, mobile software, Bluetooth wireless networking, into a small gadget that will look stylish on your wrist.

The android team of Google is working hard on this project for making it different from it’s competitors like Apple and Samsung. The recently acquired Motorola staff and a team of software experts are also taking part in this mission to put pure-Android on a smaller screen. It will be a revolutionary gadget which will change the lives of many gadget enthusiasts.

It’s been reported that Apple’s ‘iWatch’ is expected to release before the end of the year.
In the beginning of this year, some images of Samsung’s smart watch were leaked. However Samsung’s vice president Lee Young Hee confirmed that the company is now working on the smartwatch and it will take some more months for it’s release.

You will have to wait for some more time to see Google Smartwatch live in the market.

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