As part of it’s mission to steal off the smartphone Indian market. Google is setting up a retail store to promote it’s android platform. This store will be known as ‘Android Nation’ and and it will be starting at New Delhi this year.

The US company Spice Global will partner for setting up stores all across India. BK Modi, chairman of Spice, have mentioned in a press report that his company’s partnership with Google is not just restricted to India but it will also promote Android devices in the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa.India is the second country sought after Indonesia to set up such a store. This clearly shows how much importance Google gives to the Indian market.


The first store was opened in Jakarta in mid 2012.There is a rumor that the Indian store will open up in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk and Google has been searching for a 1,200-1,500 sq ft location for this store.Just like the other stores in Indonesia, Android Nation will sell and promote android smartphones and tablets that comes under numerous brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Asus etc. You can wisely choose a model suiting your needs.

The store will also give an opportunity for the customers to know more about the latest Android apps. You can seek help from experts, download software updates or check out the latest accessories for your devices. This is something very unique which you have never seen before for any other store in India. Google feels that many potential customers need to get hands-on experience with its products before they are willing to purchase.

Presently Spice Global operates around 900 Spice Hotspots that sells numerous mobile phone brands and accessories. After setting up the first Android Nation store, they are planning to convert about 50 of the Hotspots into Android Nation stores to enable rapid expansion of the franchise. Modi has also mentioned that they will focus on 3G phones and phase out 2G gradually.Google has been supporting Spice Global in bringing China’s third largest smartphone brand CoolPad, to India. Spice CoolPad co-branded products will also be sold through Android Nation.

You will really love the experience that these stores provide.You can wait for few more months to hear something official from Google regarding the opening of this unique showroom. Google will definitely spice up it’s retail market with it’s Android Nation stores in the coming future.

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