Google Wallet Technology OverviewSo is Google wallet and your leather wallet same? Haha, you can’t even compare this digital wallet which stores and saves your credential data with protected password or pin! Unlike your ordinary use wallet, Google wallet locks up your data with a four digit pin! Does it sound cool and techie?

Google wallet is packed software in Android Google Smartphones to protect your credit card data with a secure password! The Android password manager can’t save and secure your password from unauthorized access! Even you can download your Android with different password security apps to protect your phone from getting hacked making Google wallet a personal sophisticated digital wallet ever!

How Technology works behind Google Wallet?

Google Wallet Technology OverviewBy just tapping your Google Android phone you could transfer money through a four digit pin! Can you imagine that? Yes, Google wallet is what you get paid and transfer banking data through NFC technology! Google wallet enable single tap technology in which the software stores the user’s loyalty points, Groupon-style details and digital coupons.

Earlier of 2011 witnessed the launch of this wallet technology through version 1.0 Google wallet in Nexus S Smartphones which came up with the in-built NFC chip.

Then Google joined hands with MasterCard to personate Citibank MasterCard which is the only digital wallet approved MasterCard. But Google knowing this drawback is on its process to get connected to all popular credit cards as most of the people are looking for easy transactions via Smartphones.

In Google wallet working, Google firmly recommends the user’s to enter the pin at the initial stage before the purchase of the wallet. This high security step protects your phone from unauthorized access or even no worries if its stolen!! You could check more on Google security to enjoy the online wallet!!

Google Wallet Technology OverviewAs you start up with Google wallet, it saves your credit card details in an encrypted format on the Smartphone computer chip known as the security element which could be taken from your phone’s memory and get accessed by secure element programs. This technology protects the user’s credit card data from not being transferred through the phone to the other NFC source. Also the NFC chip which stores your credit card info can be completely deactivated as to prevent credit card scanning by hackers even when the display is off!

Google is at its working to make transaction in every Google Android phones just in flick seconds via NFC technology to all credit cards available! Whoa!! Don’t you think the technology would be just striking?

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