Google Wave is infact three things: a tool, a platform and a protocol. At the heart of Goolge Wave architecture is Operational Transformation (OT), which is a theoretical framework meant to support concurrency control. Waves are hosted XML documents these support concurrent modifications and also latency updates.

Google Wave is built using JavaScript and HTML5 on the client side. It runs on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It also supports mobile platforms (iPhone, Android), and on the server side we have Java + Python but the server side can be implemented with anything a developer chooses. The tool was built with GWT and uses Google Gears to enable drag and drop functionality which is not yet included in HTML 5 (Canvas supports drag nd drop in HTML5) .A dedicated server is required to handle concurrent communications which is needed especially for large teams. The server can be located outside the cloud or within a private enterprise or,it can be in someone’s home.

The paltform comes in open source api and developers can extend it using robots and gadgets. Gadgets

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are tiny programs which run inside of a wave and robots are “automated wave participants.” Wave can be embedded in blogs and other comunication mediums.

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Google Wave Protocol

2 comments on “Google Wave Implementation

  1. tracelemental on said:

    Hi ya,

    So the server side deployment, will this require all internet providers etc to run it?

    I’m just trying to get my head clear about this. To create a wave conversation and connect with another person requires
    a) the originator to have access to a wave client
    b) server relative to their IP / organisation / own installation
    c) requires the others in the conversation to have a & b ?

    if you are any clearer on this I would appreciate your feedback

  2. Aravind on said:

    It donot need any special dedicated server it uses the one owned by the google(wave) to handle the conversation.
    Here is the offical video which will clear most of your doubts.But it is too longggggggggggg….(1hr20min)

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