Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently said that Motorola is working on a “phenomenal” set of new devices and he was even describing them as “phones-plus,” as it comes with some special  features which no other smartphones offer. Google completed its acquisition of Motorola in May 2012. Under the new management, Motorola had launched a line of RAZR smartphones, but Google executives made sure that these smartphones were built under the supervision of old management and they had  a great influence on the outcome. Google has openly made a statement that Motorola lacked a wow factor. Now the situation is soon going to change.

Schmidt  made his remarks about future Motorola projects at AllThingsD’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference. However he declined to give more details about what “phones-plus” would offer, but he said that it will be more than just high-end smartphones with cutting-edge specs.

There has been rumors around Motorola  working on a “X-Phone,” an advanced Android device. During Google’s fourth-quarter earnings conference call, CEO Larry Page said that he was “excited” about the future of Motorola’s business. These days the most common worry of every smartphone user is the battery life of their device. The new generation of Motorola phones solve this problem.

Motorola won’t be mainly  looking at having “mega” screen, instead it will  be more focused on  giving complete Android experience for the users. Commenting about Android, Schmidt predicted at the Dive Into Mobile conference that in the coming six to nine months, there will be more than a billion devices running Android. Schmidt has definitly added a new sense of anticipation towards the devices.

Motorola design chief Jim Wicks has also recently said” “We’ve been spending the past eight months on this next generation of phones, and we’ve all seen positive feedback and collaboration around things,”. Wicks even mentioned that the company will release the pure  Android handsets by the mid half of this year. Google and Motorola will announce the new phones during Google’s annual developer conference in May. Wicks also told that Motorola is planning  to launch multiple devices across multiple carriers, rather than focusing on  flagship phones.

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