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Jayakrishnan J Unnithan

A graduate in computer science and engineering the ways of technology has been a part of my life. I love to write, breaking down the nuances of technology into digestible stuff for a layman. Simplicity I believe is the key to survival. I love to talk to people with diverse interests. I believe I am always a student for we have many things to learn. My interests are diverse and well my username of “jkeverywhere” sums it up what I am.

Ansaf Mohammed Ali

Ansaf is software engineer working for a UAE based company. With 3 years of off course, he have experienced the tastes of programming starting from C to the powers of .Net, like coding but love creating logics. He have his own way of thinking which often clash with minor requirements or the requirement. Output may be worst but he can give bright brain to the internal body and its working. Currently making flat images from 3D and 3D images from flat images (nothing related to graphics, its all about logic and giving life to software).


I am a final year Engineering Student in Computer Science. I am an Enthusiastic of Internet and computers. I am basically coder in ASP.Net, C#, C\C++, VB.Net. Now getting deeper into PHP MySQL, Javascript and Ajax. Iam finding love in front of the computer making new and new applications and finding more effective way of learning the complex languages… I love to blog about the trends and the news in the internet.

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