Handpicked Windows 8 WallPapersNow all of the Windows users are more than excited about the new Operating System release Microsoft is planning to roll out. The Windows 8 is been much awaited and the consumer preview to this new build was released last February. Sure is, this one Operating System will be much advanced to its predecessor Windows 7, feature rich and performance superiority as well.

When we all are waiting to experience the full feature set of the final release of Windows 8, one thing every Windows users are looking for is Windows 8 hand picked wallpapers. It’s been maybe quite sometime we all looking for a new attire of our desktop. Windows 7 wallpapers been good, but the next build sure has to offer something different. The same reason only i checked for hand picked Windows 8 wallpapers for my PC soon as i heard about the Windows 8 customer preview release.

You don’t need to download the evaluation version of Windows 8 for hand picked Windows 8 themed wallpapers. They are already available over the Internet. I have downloaded a set of 22 Windows 8 themed wallpapers. Awesome ones they are.

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2 comments on “Handpicked Windows 8 WallPapers

  1. thankz :)

  2. where is the link to download them?

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