What is Haptic technology?

By using this technology the user can sense the touch, that is when we touch the touch screen we will get feedback from the touch screen either as a vibration or motion. The word “haptic” derived from Greek word “Haphe” which means sense of touch. When we hit a key in the touch screen we will get a feedback in your finger that key is working.


Nokia unveiled there first touch sensitive phone last week, 5800 XPress Music phone. It come with 3.2 inch diagonal screen. It has 3.2 Mp camera that uses professional Carl Zeiss optics and is good enough to shoot professional video clips for Web use a web browser that supports the Flash format used by most Internet pages to display video.

This device will be available here in India by the end of year 2008 for a cost around 20K. I guess its competent price with the features available.

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2 comments on “Haptic technology enabled in NOkia’s 5800 XPress Music Phone

  1. Ahaa… only 20k is cool 🙂

  2. TheAnand on said:

    And funnily its running Symbian 6th edition or something! If i remember right the last one was 3?

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