Have you ever thought of buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 from a retail store in the middle of the night? What you often do is that you will wait till morning to fulfill your wish. If you are a Delhi resident, then you don’t have to stay hesitant. You can go ahead to ‘HOT’ also known as the house of technology, the first 24×7 gadget store in India.

“We don’t have electronics stores that cater to late-night shoppers. The idea is to cater to this latent demand and at any time throughout the week,” says Vipul Jain, CEO of Unique Infoways who will open a 24×7 outlet at Delhi’s Nehru Place Metro Station today.

This shop will be spread over 40,000 square feet area and Jain claims that HOT will be the single largest electronics retail outlet in the country. This store will have 350 employees, working in shifts to handle customers who walk into the store at any point of time in a day. They can buy anything ranging from pendrives to smartphones. You might have heard about 24×7 dine-ins and medical shops, but nobody have ever come up with such a unique concept.     As we live in a tech dominated era, such outlets have a great prominence. It will be beneficial for thousands of people who are too busy to go for shopping in the day time or who just can’t wait till morning to fulfill their craving.

Amar Babu, managing director at Lenovo India, says extended hours will help IT retailing going through a phase of improving customer experience. “However, it remains to be seen whether it’s economical to run a 24×7 electronics store,” he adds on.

Alok Bharadwaj, executive vice president at Canon India, mentions that stores like Ikon, a printing and document management chain, and electronics retailer Circuit City run a few 24×7 stores in the US and Sydenham Square in Singapore offers late night electronic shopping options. “The need may not be imminent as we don’t have the option in the country. But once the option is there, it will be great for working people,” Bharadwaj says. “Location is the key in such formats.”
Right now, Unique Infoways sells more than 100 brands through nine electronics stores that shut at 7:30 pm. They are planning to open up more  24×7 shops in the future. “In large cities like Delhi where there is a huge population, there are all kinds of buyers. There are people who like to shop late or early morning,” Jain says. “We will open more such stores… We believe this format will work in cities with at least 50 lakh population.”

However we will have to wait for few more months to know if such concepts can be successful.

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