Are you a busy desk jobber? It is obviously hard to make yourself mobile and stay healthy if throughout you spend continuously behind the desk. Get some tips to stay fit and healthy to enjoy comfortable working!

How Can Desk Jobbers Stay FitAre you following carpet to car life? Yes, those who prefer not to walk and just step to your car from office carpet and vice-versa may find it hard to stay fit. Get yourself the habit of walking daily at least park your vehicle if you got five minutes walking distance away from your office. If you take bus or train to travel its good you get down one stop before the destination or ahead. It is good for your body to walk morning and evening. Is it a heavy task?

How Can Desk Jobbers Stay FitIs getting out of your chair during work a challenge? Do I sound weird? Me being a desk jobber finds it lazy to get off my chair even after continuous hours. Now lift up your butts from the chair every 30 minutes and walk little around. For example if you wanna tell something to your co-worker, good if you go and talk instead of ringing up. Take staircase whenever possible. This will also help your buddies to team up and take short breaks thereby maintaining healthy relationship.

How Can Desk Jobbers Stay FitHey, look at your posture!! Yeah, it is very important to keep in check of the posture you sit on chair. Be sure you sit erect with your shoulder resting back. Try avoiding bending towards the desk. While you work perform simple exercises with your hands and fingers, making simple circles clockwise with your palm, stretching neck by gazing few minutes up, down and turn to either directions, rotate your leg ankles, etc. This could keep away tenosynovitis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness. If possible give simple exercises to your abdomen muscles.

How Can Desk Jobbers Stay FitLook out what you ingest. Pack up your own lunch and make sure it cut down unwanted calories. Add fruits, green leafy vegetables for lunch. Calcium rich food is good for proper working of joints and bones. Avoid junk meals from outside restaurants. Have few cravings to prevent overeating during afternoon breaks or in between work. Keep a pack of nuts at your desk.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Walk just to refill your empty bottle. It is very How Can Desk Jobbers Stay Fitimportant to sip water while your tedious work. Water being the most important drink would keep you fit, alert and prevent unwanted hunger.

Any fitness clubs nearby your workplace? If you genuinely wish to get some help you could be the member if its an authorized center. Learn some fitness tips to be in right size.

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