How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting Being a part of tweeting community is just great and worthy! But don’t you get at times worked out thinking why you can’t post your tweets for automatic scheduling? It is true that twitter doesn’t allow you to schedule your tweets as all the tweets are automatically added the time you send it. Keeping posts for automatic scheduling keeps you alive in the tweeting community!

Wanna schedule tweets for automatic posting? Getting down into some of the software’s which could make full-swing tweeter!


Gets your tweet scheduled with your updated catchy contents! HootSuite, an app for multiple devices which enables to send updates to different services at a time! HootSuite software can be available at paid services with many team members or for free versions. You can click on to the calendar icon for scheduling up your tweets which is seen on the compose menu. The drawback of free service is that it can schedule a tweet at a time whereas paid accounts is a bulk scheduler. Unless you click on the Add Stream button the scheduled tweets are kept default by HootSuite!How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting


A free tweet scheduler for all tweeters! It is a java based program developed to post scheduled tweets. AutoTweeter scheduler automatically posts tweet which is stored in a text at the mentioned time getting you into the world of full time tweeting! Each line of the tweet is posted at the time you have scheduled! It doesn’t require any installation once its downloaded to the PC. The app got free and paid services and it is now made more advanced with many new options to post your tweets in different ways.How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting


A free buffer app for all Twitter users. You need to log in Twitter to use this online app to schedule your tweets. You need to adjust the settings like time, date, whether the tweets be displayed on the Twuffer, etc. The given box allows you to type your tweet with scheduling options. It shows the scheduled tweets, sent tweets and even failed tweets! Twuffer a simple software!How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting


TweetDeck, a very popular service to posts your tweets. TweetDeck is available for your desktop, Chrome browser, smartphones, iPads and it functions as one great social app. You can easily manage your accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace without creating multiple Twitter accounts. After typing your tweet to be scheduled you could set the clock icon from the scheduling menu. You can easily set the date and time for the tweet you need to be scheduled. It allows you to even edit the scheduled settings. Get more from your TweetDeck!How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting


Queue up your tweets for automatic posting with custom settings. Buffer, being a web app by default got four specific timings, 9:03 a.m., 11:56 a.m., 4:56 p.m. and 7:58 p.m. Even you can set your personal buffer to schedule your tweets. The buffer app helps you to arrange the tweets in queue according to your wish. After creating a Twitter account and use Buffer to schedule your tweets!How Do I Schedule Tweets For Automatic Posting

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