How does magic jack work

All of you know the fact that MagicJack is indeed something like a revolution in the
telecommunication sector in all of US and Canada right? Well this magic jack is nothing
but a simple communications device which helps the users for making calls to almost
any phones in the whole USA and Canada and that too in a very cheap rate. You can
say that it looks more like larger USB flash drive and it also works similarly. MagicJack
can be plugged into any computer using USB port and it can be connected with any
standard telephone using the standard RJ-11 Jack provided. MagicJack uses the VoIP
(Voice over Internet Protocol) method for making telephone calls and is indeed a much
cheaper way for the same.

There is a special kind of software inside the magicjack device which along with the
help of high speed internet makes it possible for using landline telephones to make
VoIP calls through internet when they are plugged into the device from anywhere in the

Wondering how this tiny device makes it all possible? Well this unique device is capable
of changing the analog voice signals of the landline telephone into the digital data
packets which can be sent through the internet. These packets are actually sent to the
magicjack’s own network spread in the internet which comprises dedicated switches
and all.

This digital data packet is then converted back to the analog voice signal when it
reaches the destination for making the landline in the receiver side capable of accepting
the signal. Thus communication is carried out through internet effectively using the

For owning and using a magic jack device, you will have to spend just $19.95 for a
year. The initial purchase will be costing around $39 because it also includes the price
of magic jack device which comes around $20 along with the one year service charge
which is mentioned above. For the coming years, you will have to pay only the service
charge for making the calls through the device.

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