If you don’t have a hybrid or electric car and you are in the market for new cars, you should consider looking into the long-term savings green cars offer.

While in the early years green cars were only available as hatchback, car makers are offering green cars in all different styles, from sedan to SUV.

Here’s the list of Honda’s affordable green cars and how they stack up to the Prius.

Honda Civic Hybrid

On US News rankings, the Honda Civic Hybrid falls at number 27 out of 34 for their list of Affordable Small Cars. It takes major hits in the interior quality. It’s not only bland, but it looks very similar to the outgoing year model. Not to mention, it gives off a cheap feel, especially when you compare it to the less expensive Chevrolet Cruze and Hyundai Elantra.

Where it falls on interiors it does win on features as the new model offers more of them as standard. For instance, a $24,000 Honda Civic Hybrid comes with power windows and doors, Bluetooth, and a radio/CD player with USB connection.

Honda Insight Hatchback

The second-generation Insight is a great improvement to its predecessor with the exception of the powertrain’s impressive 60+ mpg highway. The new model only offers a 40 mpg city and 43 mpg highway. However, when it comes to performance, the Honda Insight Hatchback beats the Prius. With responsive steering and suspension tuning that leans to the sporty side, it’s a fun drive, especially compared to the odd feeling driving a Prius provides.

Prius offers a roomier backseat, but if you fold down the rear seats of the Insight, you’ll get more cargo space. However, Insight users complain about higher amounts of road noise, and, when combined with the cramped back seat, Prius still takes the cake on comfort and refinement.

Honda CR-Z Hatchback

With a paltry 31 city and 37 highway mpg, Prius leaves the Honda CR-Z Hatchback in the dust. But on style, this hybrid wins the race. It’s a sporty hybrid … sounds like an oxymoron, right?

While it may be nimble and quick, it may not be the most practical, given the fact it only has two seats. Chances are you’ll be looking into trailers for sale if you end up with this car.

If you’re still reading after that bombshell, you must be impressed with performance. In that case, this car may be something you’re interested in, even if it doesn’t offer the upscale features consistent with cars in its class. However, drivers complain that although the quick steering and small size make it a fun drive, it falls short with modest tire grip and body roll.

In the end, Prius offers a roomier ride, more comfortable drive and most importantly, when it comes to fuel efficiency, it leaves these Honda hybrids in the dust.

Guest Author Byline  This post was written by guest blogger Michelle Anderson who likes to blog about how to save money, especially when looking into larger items, like used trailers for sale.

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