The monsoon is at its full-swing here in God’s Own Country, Kerala. As the first showers were kissing the nature, do you know what was brewing in the Department of Tourism? The interactive gesture controlled When It Rains to bring you monsoon memories. Kerala Tourism story is one of the most successful branding stories in India, now they are on the big tech leap with When It Rains. We have covered this few days back, inviting every one to the gesture controlled website and experience the charm of monsoon at your gestures.

How Kerala Tourism Made The World Dance


This initiative is a part of the monsoon campaign of Kerala Tourism, and sure is pretty intelligent and innovative, aimed at attracting tourists this seasons.

How Kerala Tourism Made The World Dance!

Lets dance in the rain with waves of your hand. The site is beautifully designed with monsoon images, to be note, 8 in a matrix position. Move your hand up to bring a new image up from below the screen, or wave your hand right to pull an image from the left of the screen or vise versa and there you go dancing with monsoon slides, the site turns responsive as you move each time.

Check the official video.

Wanna dance along? Check out

What You Need

All you need is Google Chrome and a webcam to enjoy the rains on your screen. Don’t worry if your webcam is under repair or don’t have one, the site can be controlled through mouse with the direction options given at the bottom right corner. From the time you log in, you would feel like the rumbling clouds covering you, ready to make you wet. It is truly amazing! The slides would make you feel the chilling rains, misty clouds, pouring love and bring those nostalgic childhood flashes. Brilliant work by Kerala Tourism as a part of monsoon campaign, setting a new milestone in the branding efforts, going digital.


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