How LED TV Can Save Power?You got the habit of running around and switching off fans and lights just because you are scared of shooting electricity bills? It is quite obvious that those with normal blood pressure may show rise in pressure by seeing the electricity bills. So don’t you think it is good to opt for power saving electric gadgets than those which produce less energy by consuming more percentage of electricity? I think you too have replaced those high energy consuming bulbs with less electricity consuming ones. Have you thought about your TV and how much does it consume?

Got many reviews about the power capacity of latest technology LED TV’s. It is studied and understood that LED TVs replace those LCD and plasma TV’s because of its efficient power saving ability irrespective of its brilliant sleek and thin look!

How LED TV Can Save Power?LED TV is famous for its high definition picture effect and more people are up to purchase this because of its outstanding property. The power consumption of an LED TV is very low, about 40% when compared to the other TV’s  at market. Also these LED TV’s does not contain any harmful mercury compound that are not eco-friendly.

Even to check about this more, certain eco-concerns did studied to understand the power saving ability of LCD, plasma and LED TV’s. They calculated electricity usage about per square inch. It was shown that plasma and LCD TV’s use up about .34 and .27watts per square inch whereas LED TV’s used 40 % less energy proving it as a quite eco-friendly TV.

One of the leading company Samsung, brought latest LED TV with energy saving mode which is fixed on high to save more energy and work effectively.

How LED TV Can Save Power?So how does it save energy? A question to understand! LED technology itself work on saving power! It works on LED light powered backlight platform. To make it more clear if it shows up a high definition picture on screen unlike plasma or LCD TV the spots were no light is required is switched off to save energy and remains dark whereas Plasma TV lit up every spot on the screen though not needed. These LED TV takes up less energy per square inch to light up a high clarity picture when compared to other TV’s.

Beat your electricity bills by replacing with less power consuming efficient LED TV’s.

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