Paypal NFC works just awesome transferring money at a faster rate. Earlier in 2011 NFC was kind of retarding, but now Paypal uses NFC to make payments just by tapping together the NFC widget Android phones within flick seconds!! You wanna see how PayPal NFC works?

One thing to note before starting up, Android phones especially Nexus S via Paypal uses NFC widget technology to transfer money. Google gonna try out in other Android devices soon in the future.  Google wallet only allows you Citibank MasterCard as a digital wallet or else be a Sprint subscriber!

Now let’s start understanding how we could bump two Android phones with NFC widget and get payments done.

Is the money widget NFC ( near field communication) checked in your device.

First tap the money request button if you wanna request for money.

How Paypal NFC Works?

It is now time to enter the amount you want to receive.

Now as the dialog box appears tap the two phones which money transfer is to be done and now hold the phone until a beep or buzz is heard.How Paypal NFC Works?After you see the success dialog box, you could enter the pin for confirming the money transfer. 

How Paypal NFC Works?

By tapping the appropriate button you could now send the money.

Enter the account details for appropriate way of money transfer.

How Paypal NFC Works?

This  gives you the email notification once the money is transferred or as you receive money from the other person. This shows how fast the NFC technology works with Paypal.

How Paypal NFC Works?

Don’t you now think this is one of the easiest peer to peer transfer and obviously this is most happening easy money transfer technology ever!

Now it is believed that the latest Android device may support NFC and looking forward for multiple user money transfer!

Sit relaxed and have a look on this video to make you more clear how PayPal NFC join hands for money transfer. Do give us your experience through this technology!

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  1. Srivathsan G.K on said:

    Very good feature. Not sure how many would use it when you take the percentage on whole.

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