Mirror your partner’s dreams; the relationship will grow.

Normally men and womens are not aware how and when the relationship builds. If both men and women are very much competent in expressing themselves, then its sure there minds really like to build a relationship :). The more they spend there energy, time, money etc then they really like to keep a relationship between themselves. Relationships may also starts with long telephone calls, meetings and regular updates among both about there day by day activities. If any of these happens in your life i will say one thing. Definitely you need to bring attentions and give priority to the relationship. If that is not going to happen between them, the relationship doesn’t survive much.

After getting into relationship just look as a third person you can really feel a lot of happiness Go back to the way how the relationship builds its really interesting. You know a magnetic phenomenon “opposite charges attracts”? yes that is also applicable for human beings. Just look at your relationship there is a good chance that the committed peoples does have opposite characters. Typically human being seeks people who are not like ourselves, because we don’t always like what we see in ourselves, that is the reason behind this. If you are like this then the subject of conversations compared to others are very much.

The more you share the more your relationship build ups. You need to care and give mutual respects, it strengths your relationships. If this continue for a period of time, there is always a temptation taking everything for granted. If this happens then you are truly into love. Don’t spoil it enjoy, invest maximum energy for it :).

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4 comments on “How relationships builds up?

  1. TheAnand on said:

    a relationship is not how much time you spend with each other, not how much time you talk to each other. . . its how much you value each other. . . .

  2. jilmon on said:

    Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

  3. A relation is not always falling in love. It has got to say more with the language of minds, in our knowledge, it is termed as the communication between hearts(what is mind, is still a mystery).
    Our heart is termed for the matter of love, only coz, brain does the sensational work and let the adrenalin effect pump blood and makes it beat mild and wilder. 🙂
    So according to me, relation is another effect of communication(silent communication too is a mode).affection is different from like and love, its only a psycological need to certain good things.

  4. Quitty on said:

    A relationship can be build with a foundation of friendship and trust. Relationship is actually the importance of him/her in our life,it means how much we value each other.Mutual respect is another important aspect and should be sincere in all aspect.Each action should be done with utmost care.The more you share and care definitly your relationship will grow and at the sametime both should
    understand each other.If it continue like this we can build up a good relationship.

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