Are you a person who is all set to enter into a startup venture? You have finished building your product and you are planning to launch it to get the best results. Advertising is very necessary to introduce your product to the users and customers. However the worst part is that you will have a meagre budget in your hand for advertising. You need to make use of it wisely and your focus should be to reach maximum number of target audience in a short span of time. Main stream advertising require a lot of money and you can’t simply opt for that. Internet is a great blessing for all entrepreneurs these as it’s the best medium to reach a wide range of audience.

Here are few tips that helps you to get noticed without spending much given below:

Maintain Your Presence

SEO has a great scope these days as it helps to maintain your online presence which is very essential for your customers to reach your website. You should focus on fixing your brand to your target audience. It’s very vital to maintain a recall value for your product or service so that when your customer faces a problem they always try to associate with your brand.

First of all, create a tagline, link it with your SEO and create an advertising campaign that builds a brand value and brand recall for your startup. It should be well handled so that when your customer need a solution the first name that come to their name should be yours. For instance if someone asks me where to find out the latest mobilephones and their specifications, I would recommend them gsmarena, that’s the power of brand recall.

Freebies For Giving Email Address

It will be great if you can get the permission of your customer to contact them again. You can do this by giving them a free trial, book, goodies or free information which your users may find useful. By doing so you can maintain a good contact with your prospective customers. They may approach you if in future if they face a need.

Focus on Better Advertising Platforms

Rather than just focusing on mass marketing, always make sure that your message is reaching your target or niche audience. Always choose platforms that give you enough scope to get maximum customers.

You can probably find out all those specific forums and websites where you can advertising your startup. Depending on the niche you are reaching out to, it would certainly be easy to find a forum, blog, magazine or website. The tighter the niche the better. Niche sites always remain to be a cheaper platform to advertise your startup and it gives you a better scope of driving maximum targeted traffic.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a feasible option, you will be able to concentrate on your target audience based on demographics. Through Facebook you can actively participate in a campaign to promote your startup.

Google Advertising


You can place ads in Google AdWords  and it’s a cheap means to advertise hen compared to the search results. From Google AdWords you can find out your  target audience. The cheap clicks can definitely drive some traffic to your website and later on some loyal customers.

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