How To Boost Wireless Internet Signal For Ps3When you already got a high bandwidth connection, the only thing that would really affect the wireless Internet signal for your PS3 is your router and your antennas. First of all you can check that you have a latest router. They basically come in 3 flavors, the b, g and n router, the n would be the fastest of all three, when you got a router on n means you are good to go high on speeds.

Router and its antenna is very important to bring in the best signal for your PS3. You need to understand that most routers are shipped with an omnidirectional antenna, this means you have the signals transmitted evenly in all directions, if you don’t want to waste your router signals, you can take it off the corner and place it somewhere its available for all devices to access. Or another option is to bring in a unidirectional antenna. As anything is possible to be doing, you can easily find stuffs of that sort.

Your PS3 antenna is located by the right hand side, so be sure that you never block it with any thing else, coverings, books or just anything that blocks free signal flow. Same is the case with your router, be sure nothing obstacles the antenna and also be sure that no interference occurs. Routers for home use are shipped with a 2.4 GHz frequency, any device operating in the similar frequency can reduce the router signal strength, so keep off such devices or change your frequency.

Now there are few wired stuffs to be doing to boost wireless signal strength of your PS3. I’m gonna discuss one, you try it and find a 15% signal boost to your PS3. You drink Coke? Okay good we need the empty aluminium can. Now little work is involves, so be sure to go a craftsman here. Cut the top part off, now you need to make vertical cuts around the sides of the can so that can get some thing like a flower looking can. When you are ready with the flower preparation, i got you one last thing to do, make a small hone to the center bottom of you can. Center hole should be big enough to house your antenna and not bigger than that. If you are ready with it, just place the flower by your antenna with the petals spread wide. This is your high gain antenna, now point your router antenna to your PS3 antenna, you can have a 15% signal boost for sure.

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