How to Choose a Smart Phone In 2012Smartphones sure does make our lives lot easier, with the right phone around you, you can enjoy an ease with all your activities, home or office. Manage all your office stuff, emails, appointments, datasheets, finances, daily reports, your other organization needs, maps and directions, track on your gym and workouts, shop, dine share information with friends or work, music, videos and a hell of a lot entertainment features. But getting to the right phone is much as important, when you can see around couple dozen smartphones just at a glimpse, it’s hard to choose along the right one for you, the one that fits your needs.

So first lets figure out what your needs are like

The is the most important thing you have got to look to before you chose along any device. So look to what all you need. Basically there are devices that are designed to match any your needs. That means the only thing you have to is, look to your needs and chose. What all would you need?

A phone with a massive screen or a small or medium sized screen.? Full sized screens got for you true HD facilities and the small sized ones they are much easy to carry around. Fully touch or a phone with a physical keyboard, camera/ video recording facilities you need, look if you need HD features here. Storage is another important feature you need to look to. How much space you want for your files? Internal storage plus external or just internal storage, then the battery life of the device. The last part is very much important, the battery life no one would want it low. The best performing Androids would have this part low, so if you look for a good battery, you may have to skip on Androids.

Operating System

Once you have these details finalized, let’s go along choosing the Operating System of your phone. Here you have four main smartphone choices, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Android: From Google, the search biggie, Android is open source that got much market share, running on majority smartphones. You won’t run out of applications or games with the Google Play. Since the OS is open source, most of its versions smartphone manufacturers manipulate to bring in additional facilities but few of the times they do it, that detriment the usability.

iOS: This one OS is not open source as the first, the same reason only you have it running on Apple devices, the iPhones and Apple wants things to stay that way only. App store from Apple got for you tonnes of applications and games. In fact the app/game developers worldwide prefer their first release on iOS before they look to Androids or other platforms. iPhones got you clean design, performance and good battery and an OS that nears perfection.

BlackBerry: If you are looking for physical keyboards or BBM, this one is the best choice for you. Runs on the OS made by Research In Motion, they help roll smartphone revolution years back. But these days they have a hard time keeping up with the other devices around, most of the BlackBerry devices are on slow hardware and got less amenities that we can see with iOS or the Androids. Hope the Blackberry 10 would carry a fix to this all, but still it’s not time we know it in full.

Windows Phone: Windows Phone is built from scratch, the OS got with it a “brand-new” interface. A phone Microsoft designed completely on Zune MP3 interface, the phone uses Live Tiles instead of a grid of shortcuts and a notification tray and everything on the homepage can take up graphics and moving information.

Decide on the operating system you want and then it’s easy to get along the smartphone of your needs as you already have the features and specifications you want decided at the first place.

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