gmail logoI am sure slew people are using gmail as there email client. I know lot of peoples shifted to gmail from other providers mainly due to its usability. Now I am going to explain how to make your gmail account as an application to store your notes online, however this is a tricky mechanism but I guess it is useful for employees who regularly use Notes.

There are mainly 3 step to make your gmail account a Notes Store.

Step 1)

Add a contact with name as “Notes” and an email address “”. Click on the “Contacts” link on the left side of your mail box, will load the contact window. Click on the first ‘+’ icon which has a menu tip of “New Contact”.

Step 2)

After entering the name as “Notes” and email address as “”, please click on the save button. It will add the new contact.

Step 3)

Create a Label “Notes”. Go to Settings->Labels enter the label “Notes” at the bottom and click create button.

Step 4)

Create a Filter. Go to Settings->Filters->Create a new filter (on the bottom). During filter creation add the “To:” field as “” and click on the button labeled “Next Step”. In the next window check the checkbox with label “(Archive it)” and “Apply the Label:”, from the drop down select “Notes” and click on the button with label “Create Filter”.

Now let me explain the denouement of this magic. You know gmail accepts email address with format “”. The ultimate thing is that your gmail will accept all email address with format as above. For eg: send any email as per above format from another email address and watch whether it receives your mail box.

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11 comments on “How to create your own notes using gmail?

  1. Binny V A on said:

    Google already have a dedicated option for this…

  2. Filtering is same as what you did right? I am addict of filters and Archiving mails. 😀

  3. admin on said:


    Most of time we are signing in the gmail that is why I suggested a solution to make your gmail as a notebook online.

    Not only filtering but also the regular expression magic in the gmail address the “” account will also receives to your mailbox.

  4. mohan on said:

    Nice Techie Post !! You have a nice blog !

    With Warm Regards 🙂

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  6. I dint fully understand.. after that what do I do to make notes ??

  7. ohhh.. alrite alrite.. i und.. my apologies.. i’m a little slow up above..

  8. I’ve written a small tool to capture selected content from applications (including browsers) and automatically create a new email from that content.
    This helps me a lot with gathering notes and sending them to my gmail account.

    Might be useful for others too, so here’s the link:
    (sourcecode is available too).

    If you think this post is unwanted advertising, just ignore it.

  9. David on said:

    Thanks so much


  11. Jon P on said:

    Nice workaround! Gmail should have this functionality added directly. Suprised it doesn’t.

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