Are you worked out thinking is there any database or Google app to download Google search result into an excel sheet or in a CSV file format? Downloading Google search results into excel file guides you to advance search options which you could ever imagine or think of.

Do you have the latest version of the browser you are using? Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? Install it!

SeoQuake add on should be installed after you done with your latest version of browser run!

I feel obviously you got your MS office in your PC installed. If you are a Firefox user, you may need to restart your system after the SeoQuake installation.

Go to Google search engine. Usually a search engine may show you up the first 10 top searches within a page. So in order to obtain say about 50 search results you need to change the settings of your search engine.

Take Google search engine and on the Google home page click the settings button which you could spot on the top right corner.How to download Google search result into an excel?

As you click, you could see search settings, click on to it.

This will lead you to search preference page where you could turn off the Google Instant.

Did you notice number of results to be shown under the Google Instant? Yeah as you turn off the Google Instant, the number of results to be shown becomes editable.

How to download Google search result into an excel?

Now type the number of results you want Google to display to your questions!

Search your queries using your keywords.

Your search engine may look a little different from what you usually see. So let’s see how your search page looks through this screen shot?

How to download Google search result into an excel?

Even you can use advanced search results to get you the right result.

If you wish to view the file as csv file there is an option view as csv or you can save the file gardening blog.csv to a separate folder in your computer.

Basically these comma separator values or csv files appear as text with each results separated by a comma as you open this in a Microsoft excel sheet. With default option you could assume each values are separated by commas but since it is downloaded using SeoQuake it shows semicolon instead of commas.

So before opening the files in excel, open it in a notepad to replace semicolons with commas.

How to download Google search result into an excel?

In the notepad, go to edit. On the drop down click on to replace. Now Enter ; in the Find What field and enter , in Replace with field.

Click Replace All which will change all the semicolon to comma and you could save your csv file by clicking save.

Now if you open the csv file in the excel sheet you could see each result listed with many info!! Hurray!! You can delete the ones you don’t need.How to download Google search result into an excel?

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