You looking to import your CSV contacts from another application into Outlook 2012? It can be easily done following these steps. Just follow these steps to import the CSV contacts.

Have you already exported the contacts from other applications like excel spreadsheet or any database app? If you wanna check on this, do look on to Export contacts.

Starting to import contacts.

Click the file tab from the tool bar

From the drop down options click open.

Click import option.How To Import CSV Contacts In Outlook 2012

Now click import from another program or file and click the option next.

Now you could see select the file type to import, click on the file type or file you wish to import and proceed by clicking next.

 If you are importing contacts that were already exported from Outlook to a .pst file or Outlook Data File, click .pst or Outlook Data File.

How To Import CSV Contacts In Outlook 2012

Now under the option file to import, click browse and select the file which you were planning to import. Then click OK.

The import a file dialog box appears and under the options click any one of the following.

How To Import CSV Contacts In Outlook 2012

Replace duplicates with items imported helps in replacing any Outlook contacts if its already existing resulting in proper way of importing.

Allow duplicates to be created helps in creating a duplicate contact of the already existing contact in Outlook and stores it as the second one.

Do not import duplicate items helps in not importing a contact which already exists in Outlook and hence not import the contact details.

After clicking any one of these options you could click next.

Also in the import a file dialog box under select destination folder, click on a folder or create a folder to store the imported contacts and click next.How To Import CSV Contacts In Outlook 2012

Click finish button to done with importing contacts. Now this folder remains as your imported contact folder.

Hope you got the idea!

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