2011 has definitely been the Year of the Tablet. The iPad 2 is shattering sales records set by the first version of the iPad. Meanwhile, competing tablets like the Android Tablet, Blackberry Playbook and Microsoft Xoom have been gaining in market share and expanding the market for tablet computers.  Tablet computers are known for their sleek design, in-between size, and high-tech responsive touchscreens.

But some tablet users find that those touchscreens, which are so delightful to use for gaming or browsing the Web, are much less useful for typing longer messages. The touchscreen keyboard function on most tablet computers is slower and more prone to errors than a real keyboard, and carrying a portable keyboard adds unwanted bulk to the tablet’s sleek profile. For example, while browsing photos of diamond rings will be fun and easy with a touchscreen, if you want to create an organized chart of diamond prices, you may find the touchscreen slower and less intuitive than a keyboard. This problem has resulted in the return of the stylus, that 90’s computer accessory that lost popularity when finger-responsive touchscreens became universal a few years ago. Tablet owners are creating their own styli to adapt their computers to their individual typing needs.

If you own an iPad or Android tablet, you can easily create your own stylus to keep in your computer case. Instead of buying an expensive stylus that you may not use often, creating it yourself is easy and inexpensive.

To make a stylus, you will need an ordinary sponge, a ballpoint pen, and a paper clip. Disassemble the pen and cut a two-inch section of its plastic tubing. Cut a similar-sized section of the sponge. Drill two small holes in the plastic tube, and then stuff the sponge into the tube. Straighten the paper clip, insert one end into the hole in the tube, and then wrap the metal wire around the pen two or three times. Finally, reinsert the plastic tube into the pen case. With a small amount of the sponge exposed at the tip of the pen, where the ink tip used to be, the pen will now function as a stylus and can be used to maneuver a tablet computer with ease.

Now you know how to make a atylus for an iPad or Android tablet.

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