This month there was exciting news about new cutting edge gadgets from Apple and Microsoft.  The Apple iPad Mini looks really good but the pricing is yet again disappointing.

Microsoft’s new tablet doesn’t have a clear proposition; is it a tablet or a small PC? Logically, the early responses from the analysts were quite disappointing for both devices. The iPhone 5 however beats all the sales historic sales figures.

The device shows lots of issues with its aluminum cases, even though the true fact is that this aluminum case makes it a beautiful device.
Let’s not start on the recent issues about Apple and Foxcom’s issues in China because of the surge in sales, but rather discuss how Case Mate can be used to design your own cases for your iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S and other popular smart phones.

Step 1

Go to the design your own custom cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S and other smartphones page.

Step 2

Choose your smartphone from the list.









Step 3

Select the layout and background from the list. There are four layout options; you can select any of the layouts such as single image; three up; photo booth; and in a grid. The background color can also be selected as per your taste.

Step 4

Upload your favorite image from your computer or popular photo service Facebook and Instagram.

upload your picture to make custom case








Step 5

You can rotate and adjust image according to your wish.

align your image to make the custom case








Step 6

Finally, order the Case Mate case from the online tool. You can also share your custom designs to your friends by tweeting or sharing with popular services.

Case Mate also has lot of designer collections available. The fashion forwarded cases are very beautiful and rugged. They will protect your smartphone from most of the damages that may occur in your daily use.



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