Now a days new laptops are equipped with Pre-installed Windows Vista. The most annoying thing is that, as the operating system is pre-installed we are not able to install another operating system. The pre-installed operating system take up the entire disk. I use both Ubuntu and Windows now I am not able to install Ubuntu in my laptop. I will explain how to make partition(s) in Windows Vista first and later I will suggest the workaround to install another operating system in your laptop.

Right click on your My computer Icon, click on the Manage menu item. Select the Disk management item from the new Window. This will display disk information on the right side of the window.


Now we can use the Shrink Volume tool for re-partition your drive. Right click on the Vista Preloaded drive displayed there. You can see a menu item called “Shrink Volume” which will assist you for the re-partition. On the next window enter the amount to be partitioned in MB. The amount entered will remain as free space. You can allocate the rest of the free space to one or more drive by creating new volume on the free space. We can assign the drive letters after that. While assigning make sure the drive letter assigned for CD-ROM will not be allocated to the new volume(s). The process of partitioning ends here.

I am going to explain how to install another operating system in this. You can use the same process I described above but after shrinking the drive make the rest of space as free. Reboot your system and make the CD-ROM as the primary bootable device. Insert your bootable Ubuntu or Windows XP CD in your drive and start installation. Select the free space for the new installation. Continue the rest of installation procedure, I guess you might be familiar with operating system installation already. Enjoy reading!!!

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9 comments on “How to partition drive in Windows Vista?

  1. TheAnand on said:

    It is really a good way to escape from the pains of vista! I can imagine some people going nuts over it. But I heard that wifi will not be available on linux in laptops. Is that true?

  2. Binny V A on said:

    In Linux, I would recommend GParted

  3. shoban on said:

    Wifi is available in laptop (i think it depends on models)
    I am using ubuntu with internet(wifi) in my Compaq v3225au laptop.

    Also I think free downgrade to XP is also available?

  4. Sanil S on said:

    @Shoban: I am not sure whether Microsoft is providing Windows XP now. Because this months onwards Microsoft stops selling XP which is really bad news.

    @TheAnand: Wifi issues are there with some laptops but I guess we might be able to dig up drivers.

  5. Sree Pillai on said:

    Thank you for this great post! I am in the same situation and wanted to partition it, but was lazy. now your tutorial really helps. Rock on!

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  7. I just read this page, and I greatly enjoy it.

  8. jhgjhg on said:

    thankyou for your help

  9. Yeah I cant stand Vista. I guess its more cuz Im used to using XP. I just dont like having to relearn a new operating system every time I get a new computer

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