How To Protect Privacy On Facebook Graph SearchHope you all were known about the exciting launch of Facebook Graph Search the beginning of this year! This latest feature of Facebook though allow users to filter structural data search of their favorite friends, strangers or friend’s friends, raised many questions on its privacy. Facebook Graph Search makes your profile data available for public search widely, where many things you may not wanting to put up. So before Facebook rolled out the complete update of Graph Search, its updating on its privacy tools to make users more comfortable on their shared information. Here is a small guide on how to protect privacy on Facebook Graph Search!

Check What Is Public On Your Profile!

You could see the menu bar at the top right corner, click on the lock kind option from it. Choose Who can see my stuff? and click View As. Here you can see which all photos, posts and basic data are seen by public. You can customize it by changing the individual settings. Also you can control on general profile information. Go to your profile page and click on Update Info option. Here you can hide from those people whom you don’t wanna make your profile details visible. Keep in my mind, if they can see the information they can search based on it. Graph Search specifically keeps in note of the privacy settings you have updated,  and you could go to Activity Log to check about who sees what all you update.How To Protect Privacy On Facebook Graph Search

Control Your Likes And Interests!

Facebook also helps you to control on whom you wish to share interests and likes. Go to your timeline, click the Like box which is on the navigation bar where you could see each like and interest got its own privacy setting. You can limit the audience by choosing certain of your friends to see likes and interest. Limiting the audience will be automatically updated on Graph Search, Timeline and also in the News Feed.

How To Protect Privacy On Facebook Graph Search

Control Your Photos!

Facebook came up last year with a set of information on privacy tools to control on photos and tags. Go to your Timeline and click on Photos, where you could individually adjust the settings on who can access your Album. Keep in mind that though you remove a photo from your timeline, your tag is not removed from the photo if its someone else’s. So in order to make photo unsearchable, remove the tag or report the photo. Click on the photo, you could see Options at the bottom of the pic, now click on it and choose Report/Remove Tag. This would remove your tag from the photo and at the same time you can report the person to remove off the photo.

How To Protect Privacy On Facebook Graph Search

Lock Up Your Friendship Settings!

If you don’t want to make your friendship and relationship visible to the entire Facebook world, here is how to apply privacy on your relationship settings. On your timeline click Friends and on the top right corner of the page click Edit to configure on your friend list. You can also adjust the settings of your family connections and relationship updates. On your Timeline, click Update Info and scroll down where you could see Family on the bottom left where you could click Edit and adjust the settings individually. Here you can update your Relationship Status and control the privacy.How To Protect Privacy On Facebook Graph Search

Check on the video to get to know more about Facebook privacy on Graph Search

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