The time has come to preserve electricity and you can’t be less responsible like the way you do before. Most often the home appliance which consume the maximum amount of power at your home or office will be your air conditioner. Not only that, it will even produce CFC’s (chloro fluoro carbons) that may lead to global warming. Here are a few ways by which you can reduce the consumption of air conditioner given below:

  • Make sure that you close all the windows and doors in your home and office when you switch on the AC. If you are keeping the windows open then it means your air conditioner will have to work harder for keeping a cool temperature.
  • You can keep the curtains at your home closed in the morning though natural light will reduce your electricity costs. When you keep your curtains open then sun’s rays will directly fell in your room which means your air conditioner have to work harder to keep the room cool.
  • You can turn on your fan when you don’t feel that much hot. Fans consume less energy when compared to AC.
  • You can rearrange your furniture once in a while. There are times when the air from your air conditioner will be obstructed by the backside of a chair. You need to keep your air conditioner out of the sun.

  • The best location to keep the air conditioner at your home is on the north side of your house. Though it can’t be made practical in all settings, the general idea is to keep the unit out of the sun. You can even look out for other ways like planting shrubs or trees around your air conditioning unit. This will make your home more cool and definitely keep the sun’s direct rays off from your home.
  • Close off  all the vents at your home as there is a possibility for the  cool air to  slink down in the vents. When you close those vents, you’re forcing all the air up top first, cooling as it comes down.
  • You need to check your ducts very often. Making sure the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home without air conditioning are properly insulated.  By doing so you don’t have to pay for half cool air.
  • You can run your AC at 78 degrees at its optimal performance level.       If you keep the temperature even 5 degrees lower then it will make your air conditioner use up to 40% more energy.

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