Supreme court of India put in ban on all types of sun films on vehicles in India. Now that rule just made every sun filmed vehicle owners to que up in front to auto accessory shops to get the film they once paid and installed removed just like that. They got to do this after paying a good amount. Now that they have no sun protection from now on, but need to pay something like Rs 250- 500 bucks to remove the installed films that hardly take 15 minutes to undo. The worst part, these is a long way till your turn in the que and as well there is a greater possibility that the film never gets removed properly.

The auto accessory shops are now on a peak business and they got to handle more vehicles or just that they don’t care much about how they remove the film but they want your money after the 15 easy minutes they spend on your vehicle. So here is an easy go, remove the film on your own and you can do it even more good than the auto people.


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Few More Tips:

If you have high quality films like 3M installed, they are easy to pull away, leaving behind no glue stains. But with cheap films, they leave glue stains and you would need more time to clean. Leave your car under hot sun for an hour and find your peeling done lot easy than otherwise. When you do your rear windshield, be careful here, you don’t want to damage the defogger lines.

Things you need:

  • Thin paint scraper blade
  • Spray bottle
  • 5 or 10 ml liquid soap
  • Craft knife or razor blade

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