Each and every single day, millions of people are using WordPress  There are around ten million websites powered by WordPress so far. The programmers are working hard to come up with innovative themes everyday. All of you might be anxiously waiting for themes and plugins to be released this year. If you have a simple blog that does not require a specific interface, then there is no point in wasting money for templates. WordPress provides you a wide array of free themes with good aesthetic elements and data organization which helps you to promote your website in  the best possible manner.

Before selecting a free theme there are certain points that you should keep in your mind, some are discussed below:

  • If you’re running a blog that’s rich in text, make sure to get a theme that gives proper emphasis to your content. If the main focus of your website is to showcase your portfolio as a young professional, then you can choose a theme that has a portfolio or gallery section which makes your  product viewing experience the best.


  • You need to make sure to test all aspects of your theme after soon you install it on your site. If you’re running an eCommerce store and you’re using a free WordPress theme, then you should check out if it has all the necessary elements like  purchases, listings, payment process, etc. If it’s necessary for you to tweak the coding, do so or ask help from someone who’s well-versed in website development.


  • You need to pick a theme that relates to your industry. For example if you are running a fashion blog, then the first time visitor should get an idea about what your blog content is about by simply looking at the theme.


  • You can find many themes with complex features, they may look good and don’t offer good functionality, so it’s always better to opt for simple designs rather than fancy ones.


  • Before choosing a theme you should find out if it’s compatible with all browsers. For example there is a tendency to ignore Internet Explorer, there is still a large number of people who uses Internet Explorer so it would be better if  you look for browser compatibility.


  • You should know well about the terms and conditions of a theme,  If a free theme requires alot of backlinks, then you can opt for another one. You can find a number of free themes in WordPress theme directory


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Yogitha, loves to write, on just about anything. Realising her passion not too late in life, she managed to complete her Masters in Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Currently, she works as a Technical Writer with Cognizant. A complete 'sitcom buff'', her current must see list has 'The Big Bang Theory' right on top!

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