Are you less secure of your Outlook 2012? For security purpose we do need to password protect Outlook and here will guide you with certain tips! Now protect your Outlook 2012 from unauthorized access even from your family members!

Outlook data file (.pst) does not provide you with security from unauthorized access so the best step is to restrict the access to your data via password protected Windows user account for the person who uses the system.

It is good that you change your password at least once in 6 months. This is how it is done!

Click on to the file option from the tool bar.

How to set up a password in Outlook 2010 to protect unauthorized access?

Now click on to the account settings which you could see from the drop down.

On the data files tab, click on the .pst file or Outlook Data File which you need to create the password.How to set up a password in Outlook 2010 to protect unauthorized access?

Then click on to the settings.

Click change password button. ( Exchange account users does not find this button as the network password enables you to access the Exchange account)

Type in your new password in the new password box. This enables you to change the existing password. Also in the old password dialog box type in your existing password. For more confirmation type in your new password in the verify box. Make sure the password strength is pretty strong like you can add up to 15 characters.How to set up a password in Outlook 2010 to protect unauthorized access?

Then finally click OK to save the changes and you got your password to protect unauthorized access to your Outlook Data File.

Note: If no other person access your Windows user account you can check the Save this password in your password list, before clicking the OK button. Also if you find it difficult to enter password each time you log in you can remember it! Do it only if you alone access your computer.

This password serves as a security for the entire Outlook Data File and now your account is protected!

If though you need to walk away from your log in system for something important, just press Windows+L,  which prevents none to access your mail.

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