Hurray….when I opened my google docs today morning I got offline functionality enabled for my account. I was looking for this, couple of days back. I got some information from a forum that only limited people got functionality available for the time being. Anyways I am happy that I got access for it now.

Let me explain the steps to enable offline access for your google document and spreadsheets.

Before going to this process if you haven’t install google gear install it.

Step 1)

Click on the link ‘offline’ on the top right of your google docs. You will get a pop up like below. Click on the check box and mark google doc as a trusted site.

Step 2)

Click on the enable offline access button. After clicking the button you will get another pop up

Step 3)

Create desktop shortcut for google doc. After allowing this it will start synchronization, that is a sluggish process. Don’t worry it will complete in some minutes.

After some time you will get a tick mark on the top right, that means your google doc is downloaded to your local machine. Disconnect your internet connection and go some place where you don’t have a internet access. Click on the google docs icon on your desktop.

Some basic tips.

The offline access is system dependent. If you need to access from different system you need to repeat the same process in all the system.
The offline access is browser dependent. You can’t share it with IE, mozilla, since data are saved in different folder.
The offline access is operating system dependent. You can’t share between operating system.

    Now why should I care for desktop office? Google overcomes the main drawback with desktop office.

    Anyways the google doc offline access does lack some more. I think for offline access, should be selective. What I meant was I can select file from the docs and only those file need offline access there by the syncing time can be drastically reduced.

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    4 comments on “How to setup google docs for offline access?

    1. ansaf on said:

      Have you posted this before? I feel so. ???

    2. sanil on said:

      Nope, I wrote one called google docs goes offline.

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