Firefox is the most popular web browser and the new version 4 comes with stunning looks and packed perfect to give in the best of performance. Still you have space to make it a bit more fast running.

Performance tweaks to increase speed

Launch your Firefox and next type in about:config by the address bar and hit enter. Next you need to press the I’ll be careful, I promise tab to continue. Next by the filter field, you need to type in the following values one by one and set its value the same way.

network.http.pipelining => true
network.http.proxy.pipelining =>
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests =>
content.notify.backoffcount =>
plugin.expose_full_path =>
ui.submenuDelay =>
=> true => true
=> true

In any case you are unable to find the above values, you can follow the steps layed down. To a set a value with true or false. For example, if you don’t see the value being displayed below as you type content.notify.backoffcount on the filter field, then you can simply right click on an empty space and then select Boolean from New. Type content.notify.ontimer in the box and set its value to true. This holds good if you are setting an integer value, only difference is that you will need to select Integer right click menu.

Clean off SQL Database

Your Firefox makes uses a my sql database to where different values and entries are placed during your browser session. Over time, this place gets cluttered just like unwanted registry entries after lot installations and uninstallations in Windows. So cleaning the database once a while can deliver you good results. Launch your Firefox browser and then press Ctrl+Shift+J, this will open your error console, next you can click inside the code field and paste the following code and press on evaluate.


The code needs to be entered with no breaks, as a single line. You can see your Firefox
freeze for a while, after a while it restores itself to normal. You have cleared off the clutter.

Addons to browse faster on Firefox 4

Next you can go for Add-ons to browse faster on your Firefox 4. Install  add-ons that will enhance your browsing experience. Say for example, Adblock Plus can help block advertisements from various websites, that way it makes it easier for you to read and enhances your browsing experience. Also it should be noted that unwanted Add-ons or buggy add-ons can slow down your speed, so you can disable or uninstall such add-ons.

Keyboard shortcuts

Make use of keyboard short cuts instead of going all the way reach your mouse and pointing out for things. This way you can be quick to access “most wanted” Firefox stuff.

Ctrl + T (Open A New Tab)

Ctrl + W (Close The Current Tab)

Ctrl + N (Open A New Window)

Ctrl + D (Bookmark Current Website)

F5 (Refresh)

Ctrl + F5 (Hard Refresh)

Ctrl + H (Show History)

Ctrl + E (Highlight Search Bar)

Ctrl + (+/-) (Zoom In/Out)

Ctrl + F (Find)

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (Copy/Paste)

Home / End (Top Of The Page/ Bottom Of The Page)

CTRL + Click (Open Link In Background)

CTRL + U (View Source)

CTRL + Shift + T or (CTRL + Z) (Restore A Previously Closed Tab)




Firefox 4 is on the way and the beta version has been released for the testing purpose. The new version 4 of the most popular browser is stunning in looks and performance. Here are some tweaks and ways which can be used to Speed Up Firefox 4.

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