Snipping tool is a cool software in Microsoft Vista for bloggers who are regularly taking screen shots to show software / tool demos in the blog, moreover it will have keen interest for bug reporters. Anyway I am regularly taking screen shots to show software demos in blogs.

The snipping tool can take different types of screen shots viz full screen, rectangular, any window or free form snips. In the free form snips you need to draw the shape with your pencil, it will be grabbed to the clipboard. Just search for “snipping” in the start menu’s search you will get the application. Here is the default interface.

As I mentioned that we can take different type of screen shots. All except Free-form are familiar I guess. So I am going to explain the operations to take a screen shot using Free-form snip. In the Free-form snip we need to highlight parts of the screen shot and draw on it with a free form pen of different colors, thickness and tip styles. Here is the screen shot that taken by using Free-form Snip.

I believe this is the best tool for taking screen shots.

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One comment on “How to take screen shot using snipping tool in Windows Vista?

  1. Silki on said:

    Free-form is really a cool feature. Otherwise I have been using SnagIt 8, and it probably the best screenshot making software in business today.

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