Have you ever thought of taking a screenshot and saving your favorite game’s high score or something else attractive in your ipad?. It’s really simple and is built within the operating system of the device. Here are a few instructions given below that helps you to  capture a screenshot given below:

  • First of all you need to browse the screen on the iPad that you wish to capture.
  • You can then  press  both the on / off switch and the center home button at the same time.  If you find it troublesome to get the timing right, then you can simply hold down one button for a second and, while holding it down, quickly click the other. You will  see an on-screen flash. If you have enabled the sound, you will hear a camera click. The screen will also go white for just a second.
  • Using iTunes, you can  sync the iPad to your computer. The screenshot will appear in the default photo application afterwards. Even if you don’t want to do a sync, you can just email the photo to your mail id.  You can go to the “Photos”  option, there you can find the screenshot picture.  Finally tap the “email photo” option.


By following all these instructions you can now easily take the screenshots of all your favorite web pages. You can use it for sharing or reference in future.

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