The release of HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook  made much noise in the beginning of 2013.  It is Hp’s first innovation with chrome OS. It comes with LED-backlit display, an Intel Celeron chip and integrated Altec Lansing stereo speakers.

All the other chromebooks available in the market have a display resolution of 1366 x 768, whereas Pavilion 14 has a 14-inch display. If you are looking for a larger display chromebook, then Pavilion 14 is definitely the best choice for you.

This chromebook is  quite heavier than other Chromebooks, some says it has a worse battery life. When compared to the six hours of  battery lives of  Samsung’s two Chromebooks, and Lenovo’s ThinkPad Chromebook, HP Chromebook has a very less bad battery life which is exact 4.25 hours.

The cost is quite moderate $330, you can buy it directly from It is cheaper than Lenovo’s Chromebook, but expensive when compared to Samsung and Acer models.

HP officials says that “With HP’s Chromebook, customers can get the best of the Google experience on a full-sized laptop.

HP Chromebook has a dual-core Intel Celeron processor, 16GB of built-in flash storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, an 720p camera sitting above the display and many ports; three USB 2.0, one HDMI and an SD card slot.

16GB is not enough for storing a considerable amount of user data. It has a removable battery, a webcam, and 100 GB of storage on Google Drive, free for two years.

The HP Pavilion Chromebook has its own negatives, though it assures a  larger screen there is not much great difference. You won’t see something great in a web page probably more clearly than on a smaller laptop. You get a a bulkier frame and weak battery life, that’s all about it. However a person with poor vision will be able to see all the elements on the page as bigger, which would be of great help. You will be able to work comfortably without straining your eyesight on this Chromebook.

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