HP Envy TouchSmart is a much discussed laptop for it’s solid construction and touch screen. It has a brushed aluminum and matte black chassis with gently sloped angles and rounded corners. The bottom part is plastic, but has a pleasant soft-touch coating. It gives this laptop a sleek look unlike other cheap laptops. You’ll definitely feel good when others give glances at your stylish device when you travel or attend a meeting. The price of Envy Touchsmart 4T-1200 Ultrabook is $749.

The keyboard comes with a soft touch finish that gives a much better fingertip grip unlike other hard plastic keys. The layout is also just perfect for your typing experience with it’s half sized function keys on the top row and full sized number keys in the bottom row. The average size for the enter, shift, tab and backspace keys also make typing on a smaller keyboard less tedious. You will also love the keyboard backlighting option that it provides. LED light indicates when your WiFi is enabled.

There is even a special feature like a handy disable button on the touch pad’s upper left corner. This will prevent typing errors whenever accidentally brush the touch surface and move the cursor. The touchpad also supports multi touch functions like zoom, rotate etc, you will love the swiping experience. This model comes with a dual core 64-bit Intel i5-3317U CPU running at 1.7GHz and backed by 8Gb of DDR3 RAM @ 1600 MHz.

It’s even been said that the mirror-like finish on the screen makes swiping and tapping very easier but it you will find the glare difficult particularly when you are working in a bright, mixed light or sunny environment. This model doesn’t have a DVD drive and graphics chip as well. However the integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics can handle normal work tasks and HD video. On the left side ports you can discover Ethernet, HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and a memory card reader. The right side include a power port, a USB 2.0 port, and headphone and mic jacks. According to verdicts this is a machine that’s perfect for offices and homes.

• Intel i5-3317U 1.7GHz
• 500GB drive
• 32GB HD cache
• 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600 MHz
• Windows 8 Pro

HP Envy TouchSmart comes with a resolution of 1366×768, though it is not real HD. Battery life can be extended up to 6 hours and 10 minutes if you keep it in sleep mode.

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