HTC One SV ReviewHTC has come with one of its flagship smartphones HTC One SV. It is not that novel set of HTC but a reboot version of HTC One S. But to be specific HTC’s One SV is with more advanced specifications especially the 4G feature which is powered by the super dual processor.

The sibling of HTC One S will soon get killed by these stunning capabilities of HTC One SV which is available at similar pricing too! The 4G facility in the smartphone will put it into the competition banner with Google Nexus, Windows 8 phones such as Nokia Lumia 820 and HTC 8X.

The body design of HTC One SV is quite different from the previous model S which was released in 2012. It is designed with aluminium frame which is undergone micro-arc oxidation treatment which adds its life. The plastic body built is little bulky and weighs about 122g. The ultra detailed design compliments the super fast speed of the device. The device is also much grippy for the fingers to run around and much comfortable set to handle. One handed users would find it extremely easy to operate the lock key at the top of One SV alongside 3.5mm headphone slot and the volume switch. Therefore the handset got pretty handy dimensions 128 x 66.9mm.

HTC One SV ReviewThe captivating technology is also seen on the awesome camera and high sound quality of Audio TM where Dr Dre’s technology is in-built. The front camera is of 1.6MP and rear camera of 5MP with LED flash. The video recording is at 1080p. The sleek design is packed with  1,800mAh battery to boost up the life of the device. HTC One SV runs smooth on Android 4.0 OS bringing it more faster with 4G.

The 4G LTE* power technology allows effective multi-tasking and the power keeps you more excited than getting drained off soon as you work and play. Even the powered technology aids in high speed browsing, cool movie streaming and easy entry to all your cloud memory.

Just click the video and know more about HTC One SV!

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