Ogilvy Brasil   of Huggies Brazil has recently developed TweetPee, a smart device that  can be attached directly to the baby’s diaper which  alerts the parents with a tweet or text message when their baby has urinated. TweetPee consists of a sensor and a Twitter alert. You can attach this cute little bird-shaped sensor to the front of your baby’s  diaper.

TweetPee connects to an iPhone app that alerts you when the device’s sensor picks up increased humidity. When the device senses a change in moisture on diaper, it will send   you a tweet  regarding it’s time to change your little angel’s diapers. You can even retweet that message to your followers if you wish. With the help of TweePee app parents will get to know about the number of diapers used and they can even order for new packs online whenever they need it without leaving home. You can make sure  that don’t end up without one next time when you get an “it’s time to change” tweet .

This app will allow you to keep up with  your Junior’s bladder goings-on when you’re not near him or her. You can even inform the caretaker about the time for change.  Huggies is making it easy for each and every parent through social media. If you are thinking if Huggies is trying to sell more diapers  with this app then you are wrong, instead they are making life easier for the parents.

Right now, the TweetPee system is only available in Portuguese, you will have a little longer for this app to be launched in English. There is no news about whether TweetPee will head to the U.S. market. Huggies reps could not be reached for comment. However, the brand has just launched a program awarding $15,000 grants to up to 12 people who come up with “innovative product ideas.”

Take a look at the following video to know more about this smart device which makes life easier for you. The video is in Portuguese language but still it’s quite self-explanatory: a sensor gets attached to the baby’s diaper, when it perceives an increase in humidity it sends a tweet out to the parent’s Twitter account to let them know the baby needs their attention.

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