All of us have good intentions and raise our hands to help out with one event or another and these commitments often turn into many more hours than we have in the day.  We’ve come across a software tool that may help give you back a few hours the next time you volunteer to chair an activity, as well as a few dollars.

A la Reg is a new online form creation tool and provides volunteer coordinators and event organizers tools to streamline the registration process with a very easy to use web based solution.  With no HTML knowledge necessary, any of us can create beautiful and highly functional online forms, saving hours of typing up registrant information.

Importing technology into your next charity event

A few ways to easily leverage technology on your next event

New Member Inquiries:  Collect new member inquiries for a non-profit or PTA online.  The form can live on your own website if you prefer.  Ask any questions and receive the answers in a neat spreadsheet, immediately.

Event RSVP Tool:  If you plan to print RSVP cards, or posters for an event, you can simply list the short URL for your event RSVP form on the paper cards.  A simple line such as “If you’d like to RSVP online please visit:” will save you many hours of inputting registration information.  You can also email invitees a link to rsvp.

Importing technology into your next charity event

Donation Collection Tool:  If you’re soliciting donations for a silent auction, your phone solicitors can direct interested donors to the online form. The form link can also be emailed, posted on a site or printed on any paper documents. The form can contain the same questions as your current paper version.  You can also collect dollars directly into your pay pal account or

Volunteer commitments:  Volunteers make the world go round and millions of hours have been spent confirming and scheduling event and PTA volunteers.  As an organizer you can offer shifts (with limits), collect shirt sizes, phone numbers and the correct spelling of their names – all without reading pencil handwriting.

Organizers love a la Reg because everything is already typed up correctly in a spreadsheet, and the cost is a fraction of most registration software options. Registrants appreciate the option to fill out a form online, rather than printing and faxing or emailing back paperwork.

We hope a la Reg simplifies your next event and improves your profit margins.

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