Yesterday I attended a seminar at Hotel Residency, “Budget review 2008” conducted by Motilal Oswal. I was not well aware about all terminologies in market trends analysis. It was an excellent seminar, I am really impressed with the terms and terminologies they discussed. In my last chapter what is GDP i mentioned that india is now a trillion dollar economy. I was very much interested in seminar after hearing the term cos I made some research sometimes back about it.

They discussed the growth of India and explained how we became the part of growth. They are saying India is the 12th largest country which have this much GDP. Rather than that during the last financial year India attained the greatest GDP rate in the world. You know one thing all of us contributed for the growth. I think Motilal Oswal conducted this for there promotion purpose. Anyways it was interesting and interactive seminar.

Some aspects they explained are below.

1) During the last five year India attained maximum growth.

2) India is a country which give more importance to agriculture. In 1991 onwards India started giving consideration to IT enabled service and it was success.

3) In 1991 IT enabled companies are the sunrise companies ultimately people who invested to those sunrise companies gains.

4) In 2008-09 budget India gives more importance to agriculture, energy, tele service, auto mobile industry etc. So ultimately those sector are the sunrise companies now. While explaining this point the presenter asked to the attendees who all invested in Reliance Power. A few of people raised there hands. All of us know that Reliance IPO value went down on the day first itself. Presenter asked the attendee, then why you invested in Reliance power ? The attendee’s answer was interesting he see it as a sunrise company and he is looking its gain in near future so he invested. Yes this kind of market analysis needed while investing in share.

Anyways hope this year we will attain maximum GDP growth.

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3 comments on “India Next Trillion Dollar economy

  1. Dollar was the point for all money language. India is a winning athlete in the race of economy. I dont wish Indian rupee to stand in the place of dollar, but, would be good if Indian Rupee stands as the mediator in the future economy.
    (Mediator:- All the powers of dollar + some extra reference with respect to the economical standings).
    Hope one day the best economy dictionary will be released referring the Indian economy.:-)

  2. Sunrise companies, I heard India is going to practice a limitation in the automobiles that are to hit on road soon this year or next. Then how can that be included in the sunrise? Agriculture is a good idea, but, gotto see how well they will put energy(investment) in to that.

  3. jilmon on said:

    i heard that india will become third largest economic power in 2050.

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