You have a broadband network, still your page request taking lot of time to serve. Use google web accelerator to speed up the page serving. Google web accelerator serves pages through powerful global systems of Google.

How Google web accelerator works?

Google web accelerators stores copies of frequently asked web pages in Google’s powerful systems.

The accelerator downloads only slightly changed data.

Accelerator manage the computer’s internet connection.

Compress the data before downloading into the local system, when the requested page serves from Google’s server.

Prefetching some specific pages in accordance to user requests.

How to install and manage Google web accelerator?

1) Download Google web accelerator.

2) After installing the accelerator your browser will entitled a icon with some specific status as below.

a) means the google web accelerator in running and the needle indicates downloading speed.

b) means page your request is not serving from Google’s server, so the page download makes time.

c) web accelerator is turned off.

Not at all the pages serves from google server. If the requested page is an HTTPS or some files like mp3, flv then the page doesn’t come from cached because of security reasons.

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  1. Oh my god, google started producing automatic gear shifting to the vehicles in the internet traffic??? Aahh… Seems cool. 🙂

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