ie9Before the year 2004, Internet Explorer used to be the undisputed market leader of the web browsing arena and had enjoyed more than 90% of the total market share. It is important to keep in mind that the above figure do not speak of quality as much they speak of lack of competition. In 2004 the arrival of Firefox has placed tough challenges before IE and internet explorer was never able to recover its undisputed market leader tag. Again in 2008, Google Chrome emerged as the fastest growing web browser, yes, even faster than Firefox. But you haven’t heard the most shocking news yet. Internet Explorer which is currently in its ninth avatar or version (IE9), is losing the battle in spite of the fact that it’s latest version has been applauded by the critics and the figures for IE9 shows that it is growing.

The incompatibility of the same blood

Technology against technology is not a new thing. Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft is an everyday affair. But two innovations by a single company have rarely backfired against each other; this is precisely the case behind the downfall of internet explorer. To this date, Windows XP is the most used operating system all over the world. According to the figures released by Microsoft itself, Windows XP accounts for 52% of the market share, while Windows 7 accounts for 42%. But at the same time, IE9, which is regarded as the best internet explorer version till date is not compatible with Windows XP. So the huge number of Microsoft users can not even experience its best browser.

Google growth hormones

Executives at Microsoft are actually elated by the success of IE9. According to them, people using IE9 as their browser for Windows 7 are the only ones truly enjoying the web experience, Windows 7 was designed for. In the beginning people didn’t switched from IE9 because others browsers were better; they did so because this super slow, archaic browser got on their nerves.

And the one that have filled the gaps with exceeding speed is Google chrome. In the beginning of the decade, Mozilla Firefox was the hottest property in the web browsing business, it was free, fast and it had everything internet explorer had not. But from past few years its market share has remained flat. While Google chrome’s market share has increased from 7.8% to 15.5%, Firefox is still struggling to overcome the 22.0% mark it has maintained since past few years. Chrome’s success can be devoted to its seamless compatibility with Google’s search engine. In terms of browsing speed Chrome is neck to neck with Firefox, while its fan will vow to the fact that its interface is least cluttered and is the best in the business.



About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who has a deep interest in tech stuff and nothing can replace her personal computer for her. She loves playing video games and is planning to buy the latest XBOX soon. She also blogs at Gizmowatch.

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