These days most of the parents are worried about their kids who sit in front of television and video games 24×7. They often get addicted to these games and not learn anything. iPad Easel is an innovatory gadget from CTA Digital to  develop the creativity and  imagination of kids.

This gadget is designed to work with apps for drawing and coloring. You can find an  attachable tray for storing all the  necessary art supplies. It even comes with a  crayon-style stylus. One side of the easel has a tablet holder that uses a rotating lock to secure the iPad in place. Therefore they won’t drop it by accident.  Your kids  can convert it into landscape or portrait mode based on their comfort.  You can even move the art supply tray to both sides, for taking a tool easily. If you download a  free app, called ArtSee Studio, then your child can start sketching. They can save their projects and look to their great work after some time.

You don’t have to worry as your kids won’t let the paint drip in your room. The iPad apps and dry-erase board won’t give you up some cleaning job. There is nothing wrong in introducing your kid to technology right from the young age itself, if it’s for a good cause. The iPad Easel is made by the same company that makes the iPotty for iPad.

iPad Easel is a perfect gift that you can get for your kid’s birthday. By doing so you are giving them a useful gift that will help them to use their wild imagination  to create something unique. They will definitely love to get appreciated by others for what they draw with this easel. This easel will accompany them to have a great summer break, they will do something useful rather than wasting their time for video games.

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