iPad Mini ReviewApple’s new innovative tab, iPad mini got hell lot of response after its release. iPad mini was constructed with the aim to meet Apple’s full ecosystem in a mini or compact tab when usually compared to Apple iPad.

Sleek svelte aluminium body iPad mini was released at the beginning of this November with an aim to reach out into millions. Fortunately iPad made a hit on the market with its thin and stylish yet another Apple design giving a flashy look on anyone’s hands. This was called the best looking tab when compared with older Apple’s versions.

An Apple software which is much affordable and comfortable to hold when compared to the older 10″ tab. This 7.9″ screen supports high resolution than any other tabs especially more area coverage than Google Nexus 7. At £269 you get iPad mini with Wi-Fi and from £369 comes with 4G facility. 

iPad Mini ReviewThe constructed got many sophisticated in-built features when compared to the older version. New lightning connector instead of 30 pin dock connector which you could see 10″ version. A sleep/awake mode on the top right corner and headphone socket on the top left corner. The top right edge got its volume control buttons and the mute switch.

You can easily navigate on to iBooks on iPad mini and Apple unveiled this iPad as the best e-reading software package. iPad mini according to many reviews revealed than it does not require much scrolling or continuous zooming during each web page browsing! Does that show the sharp and wider nature of the iPad mini screen? But it can also depend on one’s eye sight!

iPad Mini ReviewA counter for the screen pixels by other competitive tabs especially Google Nexus on iPad mini is the pixel sharpness. iPad mini 162 pixels per inch which is little less compared to Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD which is about 216 pixels per-inch. This slight increase in pixels in these challenger tabs add on to its sharpness! But an Apple user switch more to iPad mini than the rival tablets!

If you are small screen movie viewer, iPad mini fits you best or less go for another bigger screen tab as iPad mini does not beat other rivals in high definition display especially for video viewing on the mini screen.

iPad mini runs on Apple A5 chip for the apps similar to the technology used in iPad 2 for the apps. The apps run faster and does not heat up the device. Apple’s own trendy and popular Touch Press apps like Shakespeare’s Sonnets or The Waste Land beats any other app in the rival tablets. This advanced Apple’s iPad apps makes it stand unique and far ahead, making you go for iPad mini!

The only major drawback of this sleek glamorous Apple product is its unfriendly price! Go for more reviews on Apple iPad mini! Check out your wallet before affording this premium Apple design!

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