iPad Wifi Vs 3g


iPad 2 WiFi yields you Internet connectivity more than a way. You have the WiFi connection facility and also the 3G cellular connectivity. O that’s always an advantage over the iPad WiFi’s as they got you Internet connectivity only with WiFi. When on the go, you may have issues in connecting your device with the Internet, only if you got WiFi hot spots around you things become easy or you may need to carry something like a MiFi and stay connected always.

GPS facility

The iPad 3G gets you a built in GPS facility, with this you can enjoy the best of accurate location fixes apart from the great flexibility in needing just a single gadget for extensive Internet browsing capabilities.

The Pricing scale

iPad WiFi comes at a price tag, $130 less than the iPad 3G. Its not just a one time cost that occurs with the iPad 3G, once you get the device, for the data plans you need to be accessing, you are to pay each month recurring, till you want to use the 3G services. If would fetch you somewhere around $15- $ 30 a month depending upon the plan you stick to.

Battery evaluation

The average battery usage for iPad WiFi and 3 G are about 10 hours. When you are with the 3 G facilities in iPad 3G, sure that it sieves off 2 to 3 hours. This is not considered to be a big issue after all, as almost every one using mobile devices keeps it wired, charging. But the only problem is, when you are on the go, that’s the time you use more of 3G network, you might have issues a few times your device running out of charge.

Few physical differences

iPad 16g 3G come along with a side door, this gets you the option to insert your Micro SIM card. Now Apple got you another section to the back of the device, what gets you better 3G connectivity. Most cases, you may want to protect these sections of your device with a protective cover.


You can find the model thinner than the first release and the advanced A5 chip brings you a much faster graphics processing and general performance. The dual cameras fetches you great video chatting facilities, HD video recording, and snapping. The cutting edge design and construction gets the internal magnets for Smart Cover accessory. Advanced AirPlay features and HDMI output, via optional adaptor.


Fewer issues i would like to discuss is the image quality. The Image quality of the rear camera is not that appealing and the front camera is not HD. Flash video is one important feature, they still don’t have it. Also no ear buds are included.

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