Do you remember Iron Man Tony Stark’s mobile phone? It was a transparent thing of beauty and while we all watch in awe, I don’t think any human being imagined that such a thing will come to life this soon. Polytron, a Taiwanese mobile company actually made prototypes of the transparent phone and boy, it looks so real!

Polytron’s Transparent Phone

Polytron already had a demo of the unit. However, the software wasn’t there yet. The hardware was crystal clear and it is truly a transparent phone. This is not a hoax. But what happens when the other opaque components are put into place such as the SIM, battery and memory card? That might actually ruin the whole point of having a see-through phone. Of course, Polytron has an answer for that.

The transparent phone can just opt for internal storage like the iPhone. As for the battery, there are already transparent batteries made. The only worry is the SIM which cannot be made transparent. A good idea is to place the SIM card where the hand can cover it. How about the processor, GPU, camera and other components?

As you may have seen the photos, your hand will be clearly seen through the phone when you hold it. That’s what makes the phone so attractive but if there are opaque parts here and there, it just spoils the whole thing. They may want to put the other components hidden on the edges or sides of the phone but this endeavor seems implausible.

Is the concept of transparent phones new? Not really, but the concept only existed as mere concepts as total transparency of the phone will be hard to achieve. If Polytron can make the impossible possible, surely, the whole world will we interested in getting this one-of-a-kind technological advancement.

Will You Get One?

To be honest, I’m not sure if a 100% transparent phone can be pulled off but I’m anxious to see what Polytron will create. As far as I’m concerned, if I can’t see my hand completely behind the phone, it’s a no deal. I did some research on what other consumers have to say about the transparent phone. They made good points about it too.

There are those who say that they won’t buy a transparent phone because it somehow breaches privacy. People will easily see what you’re doing with the phone and can even read your messages. That’s a good point.

There are those who say that the concept is pretty cool but quite impractical especially when it comes to reading text—another good point. If the background is clear, how can text be displayed clearly? It will be frustrating to keep tilting the phone at an angle where the text display is clear enough.

There are those who say that the transparent phone is just a fantasy. The inside parts of the phone are composed of chips, parts and other hardware components that every mobile phone needs for it to work. While the outside casing is clear, these hardware components will block the transparency. Unless Polytron can also make transparent components, seeing your hand through will be impossible. And because of the opaque parts, the whole thing will just be whimsical.

Technology has no bounds and it looks like technology is advancing faster than we expected. Or is it just people becoming too ambitious? The transparent phone is indeed a splendid idea, it might put the best Smartphones to shame. But as long as Polytron hasn’t presented a complete product with all its parts and components, let’s not get our hopes up too much.


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