imagesThe add-ons basket of Firefox is increasing day by day. While some are useful and oozes class certain other add-ons lack what it takes to be featured on blogs and in twitter conversations. Juice on the other hand deserves a lot of blog space tweets and fan pages. Juice is an add-on that opens as a side bar once installed on Firefox.

Its cute and packs in a lot of punch. The add on features the ability to drag and drop images as well as videos, group them , sort them and download them all in one place. Well for all those Facebook addicts there is even a Facebook integration . Isn’t that juicy?. The better part of the add-on is a feature called magic . All one needs to do is drag and drop any text or image and the add-on will find relevant information

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associated with that particular piece of data .

This can be used for data mining. The search option features Twitter, Google , Bing and Yahoo to mine for relevant information . Overall a great juicy add-on for bloggers, students and any information lover who would love to get more…..


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