Sometime while you are preparing docs or composing email in outlook you may need to search for information in web. So you need to open the browser and seach for the keyword and refine the information. It is a step 1,2,3 process. Today I am going to suggest a solution to search right away from word, presentation, outlook, pdf etc, called Kallout

You have to select the search text and click on the Kallout icon shown, this will give you result faster than web search. This kind of search is called “Selection Based Search“.  Check out the image below and check how Kallout works with Microsoft word. 

Search is so simple as selecting the text to search and click on the Kallout Icon. You can download the application here. The application is a COM component so the application will work with Word, PDF reader, Outlook, Presentation etc.

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One comment on “Kallout:- A Selection-Based Search Tool

  1. TheAnand on said:

    I have a addon in firefox that does “Search Google for selection” and stumble through selection options….It is very useful to have google there.

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